From I Love a Mystery

By Jean Utley

Leadville , Colorado , in 1880, is a silver mining town waiting for the railroad to come to town. Photographer Susan Carothers has seen two men sabotage the newly laid tracks and nearly dies herself in the explosion. Susan's friend, Inez Stannert, a saloon keeper and amateur sleuth, agrees to find out what Susan has seen. And so begins IRON TIES by Ann Parker, the second book in the series featuring Inez and Leadville.

Inez finds herself swept up in a romance with Reverend Jay Sands, even as she is attracted to a railroad man. But she can't afford to let her reputation become tarnished even the slightest bit, since her saloon is barely profitable. Her partner Abe hires two actors to help bring in customers and one of the actors seems very familiar to Inez. All of these problems pale when the news that General Ulysses Grant, Civil War Hero, is coming to town on the new rail line.

The Civil War, bitterly fought only fifteen years before, is still a divisive subject and veterans of both sides have moved west after the war. The war is almost as popular a subject among the citizens as which rail line belongs in Leadville. And why sabotage
the rail lines at all? The answer has its roots in both conflicts. Inez follows the clues to a satisfying conclusion that is steeped in the past.

Parker makes history interesting and combines the best of the mystery, western and romance genres in a book that will appeal to all readers. There is something for everyone, and anticipation for the next adventure featuring Inez Stannert.



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